About Us

About DPP

DPP is a Western Australian owned and operated company.

DPP offers state-of-the-art direct push technology, skilled and highly experience personnel backed by the “can-do” philosophy and commitment to providing value-for-money of an owner operator.

This has resulted in DPP acquiring an enviable reputation for outstanding service and reliability in geotechnical drilling, environmental drilling, engineering and construction industries.

DPP uses self-propelled, hydraulically powered Geoprobe drill rigs that utilises both static force and percussion to drive steel rods into the sub-surface making geotechnical drilling and environmental drilling quick and accurate.

The Geoprobe rigs can switch from direct push tooling to SPT to hollow stem augers in minutes offering unrivalled geotechnical and environmental site investigation versatility. A wireless remote allows exceptional and safe manoeuvrability in even the most confined areas as well as in rugged off-road terrain, shallow waters and soft sands.

In addition DPP has a custom-built rig designed specifically for work in areas as low as 2 metres such as car parks or basements. It can fit through a standard doorway (under 1.2 metres wide) and is capable of dual-tube sampling and installation of monitoring wells.

For sites with difficult or restricted access DPP also has hand-held, shallow-depth probing capabilities.

Occupational Health, Safety and Environment

DPP considers the health, safety and well being of our employees and others in our workplace of primary importance.

  • DPP takes a proactive approach to protecting health and safety in the workplace and to minimising any negative impacts its operations have on the environment.
  • Our Safety, Health & Environmental Management System (SHEMS) is based on best practice standards and complies with Australian Standards AS 4801 and AS 14001.
  • All DPP operators hold a Safety Awareness Card or Blue Card indicating compliance with the mandatory safety training requirements for construction industry workers. Similarly, they have all completed the MARCSTA (Mining and Resource Contractors Safety Training Association) program on safe working practices.
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