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All the Drilling rigs and Non Destructive Digging Truck

October 11, 2016

Currently we have 5 rigs in operation & Vac truck (NDD). Rig 1 – Geoprobe 6620DT Dual tube sampling to 20m or refusal. Auger/hollow auger (4.25″) to 50m with...

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A snapshot of how versatile these Geoprobe rigs are.

September 13, 2016


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Angle drilling under fuel tanks

July 27, 2016

Sometimes on site investigations we need to get a look at what is immediately under a buried asset. In this case the task was to drill 6o Degree angle...

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NDD – Non destructive digging perth / Pothole

June 30, 2016

Sometimes you have to NDD – non destructive digging /pothole a location, even after an accredited utility locator has scanned the area. You would be surprised how often we...

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NDD Vac Truck

June 1, 2016

  Dpp has just commissioned its new vacuum truck. This is a dedicated Non Destructive Digging unit that is available for service clearance prior to excavation or drilling jobs. With this...

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A few images from the “Good Old Days”

May 12, 2016

  Here’s a few things you don’t see much of in your back yard any more.. A Prickly Pear & a full sized Hills Hoist clothes line. If you have a close...

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CPT Drilling on the Beach

April 22, 2016

Sometimes there is the need for a CPT Drilling rig with a small footprint and able to access areas that the usual truck mounted CPT rigs are not suited to. Access...

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Non-Destructive Digging (NDD) the best form of service location

March 22, 2016

Today we were carrying out some NDD aka non destructive digging (vacuum extraction, Potholing) and located a 300 mm clay pipe 0.7 m below the surface of an operational...

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