Non-Destructive Digging (NDD) the best form of service location

March 22, 2016

Today we were carrying out some NDD aka non destructive digging (vacuum extraction, Potholing) and located a 300 mm clay pipe 0.7 m below the surface of an operational fuel station. This site had been cleared by an accredited utility locator, who had correctly located all underground assets on the fuel outlet. The pipe was not on any plans (DBYD or “as constructed”) and pre-dated the service station.IMG_4750

The clay pipe was not visible to the Sub-surface radar due to the asphalt and road base and as it was not made of metal it was not picked up by the sond. There was no way of locating this underground asset apart from Non-destructive digging.

Direct Push Probing, as part of its Safety methods, hand clears all drill locations to 1.5m (or deeper if the clients requirements ar more stringent) by hand auger or NDD using its Non-destructive digging vacuum trailer.

The Safety of our workers, the public and the preservation of the states underground assets is paramount in our day to day operations. This is why we need to work with DBYD, our clients & utility locators as well as assure ourselves that the drill locations are free from services prior to drilling.