Non Destructive digging

Non Destructive digging – NDD

In addition to its core services Direct Push Probing offers Non-destructive digging (NDD) or potholing in Perth and WA.

Non Destructive Digging is the method of exposing underground cables, pipes and other assets to determine their exact location. Non Destructive Digging, used in conjunction with an accredited service locator and dial before you dig plans, is one of the safest and most cost effective methods of service location/clearance to avoid damage and the associated expensive consequences. The amount of underground assets and the lack of accurate and complete plans of where they are installed, along with the increasing use of fibre optic cable, PVC and other non-metallic conduits for gas and water dictates that when in doubt, the digging/drilling location needs to be cleared via all means available.

I.E. Plan, Pothole, Protect, Proceed


In keeping with best practice, Direct Push Probing can also carry out Non-destructive digging, using powerful Vacuum excavation units.

These Vacuum excavators are some of the most powerful NDD units in their class. With a 550cfm blower and an 8L/min water pump set at 3600psi. Whether Trailer mounted or our new 4WD truck mounted unit we have the NDD solution.

Our new truck mounted vacuum has offroad capabilities and can extract directly to drums carried on the back. These can then be transported to a central location and stored prior to disposal.

Contaminated soil can be extracted directly to drums for storage or disposal using our purpose built drum cyclone.

This form of Non-destructive digging & excavations is ideal for:

    • Pot-holing
    • locating underground utilities,
    • mud cleaning

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We cater for so many different specialised industry services further to non-destructive excavations such as geotechnical drilling, monitoring well drilling , gas and groundwater digging and soil sample drilling services.

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